#24 - Where to go?

↯ Background
Backdrop: Venice Scene 03 by TropixFlickr

↯ Head Section
↪ Head: Kane by LelutkaFlickrFacebook
↪ Skin: Yuto by Stray DogFlickrFacebook
↪ Hair: NA11 by Dura
↪ Eyebrows: Haruki by NoRush FlickFacebook
↪ Eyes: CLXXIX in Abstrakt by ShimmFlickrFacebook
↪ Ears: Dropped by SwallowFlickrFacebook
↪ Earnings: Earrings Dropped D02 by SwallowFlickrFacebook
↯ Body Section
↪ Body: Jake by Belleza
↪ Face w/ Neck Tattoo: Hannya by Vegas TattooFlickr
↪ T-Shirt w/ Pants and Suspenders: Opie in Alpha by BartimeuFlickr

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